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Our Main Features

! Allows you the full use of your tub !

     The Molly Bather bath lift has many unique features, specifically to make it safe and simple to use. Raise and lower yourself with the light-touch handset, with its buttons having been specially designed to aid those with arthritic hands. The belt can be quickly and easily detached from the EZ-Rail so others can use the bath as normal.  Our powerful battery lasts for around 20 baths between charges and is very simple to recharge with the special charger provided.

   The soft-padded transfer stool ensures that transferring in and out of the bath is as easy as possible.  The standard Molly Bather fits most bath tubs, its telescopic legs suit baths between 18 to 23 inches in height. Our standard adjustable belt fits baths up to 50 inches wide and it will comfortably lift 308 pounds in weight. If your bath is taller, shorter or wider than these measurements, we have optional components to suit.

   There are many clever options allowing the Molly bather to suit almost every bathroom setup, including: Underfloor heating, windows or wall obstructions, corner baths, stud walls (and many more) so if you have any doubt, just ask and we'll be happy to help.

Comparision between our bath lift and the competitors. 

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